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Ice Climbing in the Grossglockner/Heiligenblut Area

Ice Climbing in the Grossglockner/Heiligenblut Area

Vertical Joy – Ice Climbing in the Hohe Tauern National Park

Not many other activities bring you as tangibly close to the natural elements of the alpine world as ice climbing. It is a discipline that requires a great deal of technique, strength and stamina. Expert climbers are well aware of this – and great numbers of them have come to appreciate the excellent ice climbing conditions in the Heiligenblut area.

Having said that, we all have to start somewhere – and you certainly don’t need to be an expert-level climber to experience the frozen verticals in Heiligenblut. In addition to the forty frozen waterfalls in the surrounding area, Heiligenblut also offers an illuminated ice-climbing wall, where the Heiligenblut Mountain Guides make this exciting activity accessible to anyone wishing to give it a try, with a variety of courses and programmes.


Waterfalls & ice climbing walls

For experienced climbers, Heiligenblut offers a choice of up to forty frozen waterfalls in the surrounding area. The high altitude and severe winters generally ensure solid ice conditions from December to March. HOT TIP for beginners: every Friday from 17.00, we hold an Adventure Evening at the illuminated ice climbing wall in Heiligenblut, where novices can try their hand at this fantastic sport. With attractive benefits for Grossglockner Plus Card holders!


From training sessions to guided ice-climbing tours

Whatever your skill level may be – if you are interested in ice climbing, the Heiligenblut Mountain Guides are your personal go-to specialists. With a variety of programmes and courses, our local experts will introduce you to basic techniques as well as advance your skills through targeted training. The next step up will be a first ice climbing course on one of the surrounding frozen waterfalls. Finally, you can polish your skills during a guided ice climbing tour – after that, you can happily call yourself an ice climber in your own right.

CHECKLIST – This is what you’ll need:

  • 30 - 40 litre backpack to transport your equipment
  • Crampon-compatible hiking boots or lightweight ski-touring boots
  • Specialist crampons — must be extremely lightweight
  • Two ice axes, ice pick and and ice screws as anchor points
  • Climbing harness, climbing helmet & rope of a sufficient length
  • Anchoring equipment and screw-lock carabiner
  • Self-belay sling & screw-lock carabiner
  • Short Prusik loop & screw-lock carabiner (optional)
  • Waterproof hardshell jacket made of Gore-Tex
  • Waterproof hardshell trousers made of Gore-Tex
  • Warm undergarments (recommended: change of clothes for the descent)
  • Warm primaloft or down jacket for insulation
  • 2 hats – one for underneath the helmet, another for warming up
  • 2 pairs of gloves (waterproof & warm, not mittens)
  • Plenty of fluids, thermos with warm tea
  • Plenty of food and snacks for the duration of the tour
  • First aid kit, mobile phone, tour details
  • Possibly snowshoes, touring skis and poles for the access trip

Are you ready to embark on the adventure of ice climbing?

Or perhaps you are an experienced climber looking for a fitting challenge in the realm of Austria’s highest mountains? In either case, you’ll find Heiligenblut the perfect place to be.

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