The Grossglockner/Heiligenblut Ski Area

Skiing in the Grossglockner/Heiligenblut Ski Area – face to face with the Grossglockner

The sun is out, the air is freezing cold; the powder snow has covered the world in a myriad of glittering ice crystals. If you’re thinking ‘photo opportunity’, you are spot-on. Vast, snow-covered mountainsides, perfectly groomed pistes, feathery powder snow – and in the background, the pyramid shape of the 3789-metre-high Grossglockner, Austria’s highest mountain. An outing in the Grossglockner/Heiligenblut Ski Area is a fantastic experience, not just for winter sports enthusiasts, but also for photographers, nature lovers, and anyone with an appreciation for truly breathtaking views.

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Off-Piste Skiing in Heiligenblut am Grossglockner

Powder snow & ultimate freedom in the Grossglockner/Heiligenblut Freeride Arena

The sun is dazzling in a perfect blue sky. The air is crisp and cold; last night brought a new layer of fresh snow. We take the first cable-car of the day, hoping to be the first to reach the mountains. So far, there is no-one in the ski area apart from workers and safety officers, ensuring smooth runs in the new snow. You feel the biting cold on your face, and as soon as you put on your skis you know that your off-piste dreams are about to come true.

Ski Tours around Heiligenblut am Grossglockner

Conquering the wintery summits of the Hohe Tauern National Park

The alarm goes off – too early, it seems: the world outside is dark, and an ice-cold night still waits to be defeated by the warmer temperatures of the approaching day. Determined, we leave the warmth of our beds and get ready for an amazing adventure. Today’s the day: we set out on a ski tour into the Hohe Tauern National Park.

Winter Hiking in and around Heiligenblut am Grossglockner

In winter boots or on snowshoes: set out through the powder snow from Heiligenblut am Grossglockner

A winter wonderland in the Hohe Tauern mountains – what could be more romantic? As the sun climbs higher in sky, and an ice-cold night gives way to a brilliantly sunny winter’s day, we set out through the snow to explore some of the region’s most beautiful winter walks. Whether you choose one of the relatively flat paths in the valley, or feel like an alpine adventure at altitudes of up to 2600 m – the experience is sure to be magical.

Cross-Country Skiing in the Grossglockner/Heiligenblut Adventure Region

Classic or skating technique amidst breathtaking nature: cross-country skiing in the winter landscape of the Hohe Tauern National Park

The morning air is crystal clear. While the sun still battles against the low temperatures of the disappearing night, you are already on your feet, strapping your cross-country skis to your boots. You can see your breath as you set out on the first lap of the day, along the freshly prepared cross-country ski trail in Heiligenblut.  

Winter fun for the whole family in Heiligenblut am Grossglockner

From horse-drawn sleighs to ice-skating fun and exhilarating toboggan rides: there’s plenty do in the Grossglockner/Heiligenblut adventure region

A winter holiday is not simply about ski pistes and freeride runs: getaways with the whole family should always have plenty of fun and romantic experiences thrown in as well. From horse-drawn sleigh rides to night-time sledging on our illuminated toboggan run – the Grossglockner/Heiligenblut adventure region offers unforgettable activities that will bring everyone closer together.

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