Sacred Heights: A Hiking Journey on the Pilgrims’ Trail

Sacred Heights: A Hiking Journey on the Pilgrims’ Trail

A Hiking Journey on the Pilgrims’ Trail

“Though you are moving towards a specific destination, a pilgrimage is much more about your inner journey to yourself.”
Going on a pilgrimage has always been a unique way to achieve that deep sense of serenity few of us manage to attain in our daily lives. So we are particularly pleased that Heiligenblut am Grossglockner has become the final destination of the new Sacred Heights pilgrimage trail.

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Your 9-stage journey to inner peace…

… culminates in Heiligenblut am Grossglockner. Like many pilgrimage routes of old, the Sacred Heights trail is characterised by traditional villages, ancient sites of worship, sacred treasures and a spectacular mountain scenery. Divided into nine stages, the trail leads from Lavant in East Tyrol to Heiligenblut am Grossglockner – passing over ridges, through spectacular high-alpine valleys and even across borders.

Fact Check: Sacred Heights:

  • Stage 1: Lavant - St. Korbinian: distance 19.7 km, elevation gain 989 m, duration approx. 6 h
  • Stage 2: St. Korbinian - Maria Luggau: distance 19.2 km, elevation gain 1713 m, duration approx. 7 h
  • Stage 3: Maria Luggau - St. Oswald: distance 25.3 km, elevation gain 1486 hm, duration 7 h
  • Stage 4: St. Oswald - Innichen: distance 24.2 km, elevation gain 824 m, duration approx. 7 h
  • Stage 5: Innichen - Kalkstein: distance 14.5 km, elevation gain 1548 m, duration approx. 7 h
  • Stage 6: Kalkstein - St. Jakob i.D.: distance 20.4 km, elevation gain 1468 m, duration approx. 8 h
  • Stage 7: St. Jakob i.D. - Obermauern: duration 20.2 km, elevation gain 1742 m, duration approx. 8 h
  • Stage 8: Obermauern - Kals: distance 24.9 km, elevation gain 1562 m, duration approx. 9 h
  • Stage 9: Kals - Heiligenblut: distance 22.5 km, elevation gain 1694 m, duration approx. 8 h


Useful information for modern-day pilgrims

Once you have arrived in Heiligenblut, you will find a dedicated Pilgrims Stamp at the village’s ancient St. Vincent church, along with a Benediction Bracelet for every pilgrim to keep as a memento. Each stage of the trail has been designated a specific colour, all of which are featured on the bracelet – resulting in a rainbow-coloured design. In addition, special commemorative carabiners are available at the Tourist Information Office in the main square.

For further details on the individual stages of the Sacred Heights pilgrimage trail visit!

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